King Composer

King Composer

To learn basics of "King Composer" plugin, please read "King Composer" documentation online by clicking here.

King Composer is an external service and the plugin is developed by third party developers. They have already provided very good documentation.

We also developed some extra features apart from default King Composer features. Please see below screenshot for extra features:

ThemeMount Flip Box and ThemeMount Image Hover Box are a special elements. Here are some description about elements.

ThemeMount Flip Box: A flip box is a box that flips over when you hover over it. Flip boxes can help make your content more interesting. Watch demo at this link. See screenshot below:

ThemeMount Image Hover Box: An Image Hover box is a box that display content when you hover over image. You can choose from different Hover effect of each Image Hover box. Watch demo at this link. See screenshot below: